Kalela Primary School, Kenya

When I was in Kenya, July 2013, we visited the Kalela Primary School. The Kenyan school system is different from the English one I know. In years, their system is 8-4-4, that's primary/high school and university. Not all children will be able to complete their full education due to lack of funds but most will do 8 years. Kalela Primary School is a state run school and caters for children aged 6/7 to 13/14 years of age and it also has a pre-school group. Some children walk several kilometers each day to come to their school.

They were so happy to have visitors that day. When we left one of the two teacher of the top year told me our visit had been the highlight of the children's day. I told him it had been the highlight of our day too.

If you would like to know more about the school then please use my contact page and I will forward anything on to the school.

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