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Enfield Swim Squad - Middlesex County BAGCATS March 2014

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London Region Age Groups 2018
14th May 2018
A new gallery showing the action photos from Sunday 13th May will be posted here shortly.
The podium shots can be seen on the Dropbox site here.
To go to the Age Groups gallery click on the image below-

London Region Summer Championships 2018
08th May 2018
A new gallery for the Summer Championships at the London Aquatic Centre is here.
Podium photos Dropbox link is already posted.
Action photos are now all posted.
Click on the image below to go to that gallery -

Harlow Photographic Society - Winner of Print League 2017-18
01st May 2018
Possibly the most coveted trophy in the club as it is a print competition over four rounds with four different judges. Prints not only need to be a good image but also need to be well printed. I didn't start the season well but by round three I was two points in the lead and held onto that position in the fourth and final round.
The images I won the league with are below.
**New Gallery** Eastern Europe
23rd April 2018
From Romania to Hungary, stopping by Bulgaria, Serbia and Croatia - photos from my trip along the River Danube.
Click on the image below to go to the Eastern Europe gallery.
French Digital Tour International Salon -19 acceptances and a FIAP Ribbon
09th December 2017
I haven't entered many international salons recently so it was wonderful to get so many acceptances in this one, the French Digital Tour. I also got awarded a FIAP ribbon for the image below.

Click on the image to go to my Exhibition Acceptances Gallery.
London Region Winter Championships 2017
07th November 2017
The action photos I took during sessions 1 and 3, at the London Aquatic Centre on 4th+5th November 2017 can be viewed by clicking on the image below.
The Dropbox links to the Presentation photos are on that page too.
**New Book published** - Grand Tour of China
15th September 2017
I have a new book on our trip to China in 2013. It is the biggest book I have made to date at 208 pages. The photos are a mix of mine and Mike's.
Mike and I give a photo lecture on the Grand Tour of China to camera clubs in the East Anglia and north London areas. If you would like to book a talk please get in touch with me via my Contact me page.
Click on an image below to go to My Books page on this website.