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AFIAP awarded - for International accepted images
25th March 2010 - 0 comments
The AFIAP is awarded to photographers whose images have been accepted in International Exhibitions. It is the first of the FIAP awards with EFIAP and MFIAP as future awards. The requirements for an AFIAP are 30 International acceptances (prints or projected digital files). These had to be obtained with ten different images, from ten different salons across five different countries. Having met that requirement I then sent seven A3 prints to FIAP and 3 prints to the PAGB for an assessment panel. I sent them off in November 2009 and in March 2010 heard that I had been awarded my AFIAP.

The images below are my first ten acceptances in FIAP exhibitions.

Great Britain Small Print FIAP international exhibition - Honourable mention
28th February 2010 - 0 comments
This image is doing very well for me. This is the second FIAP award it has got - the first was in the Welsh FIAP 2009. I got an honourable mention / certificate this time.
The Great Britain Small Print (GBSP) FIAP competition is a series of four salons organised by four different clubs - prints are passed on for marking by different judges. The 'small print' size is A4 and the prints are un-mounted. This is unusual, as normally prints would be mounted on card 50cm x 40cm and be on A3 paper.

Following through
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Harlow Photographic Society - Winner of 'Panel of Four'
04th February 2010 - 0 comments
A panel of images of any number brings extra thought processes into play. I like the sizing and layout of my images to be symmetrical, so a panel of four in two by two formation means those on each side should 'look' into the middle. Then, whilst the images should have a common theme, they should not be too similar as to be considered repetitive. The panel should work together as a panel and each image should work on its own too - that is what gives the panel its strength.

My panel of 'Swimmers' was awarded first place in this competition and my 'Boobies - red, nazca and blue-footed' were one of the panels held back. It got no award but I thought I would include it here as something different to my 'Swimmers' - though I guess the boobies too are swimmers, of a sort. Yes, the 'Swimmers' are four of the Panel of Six that won me the Chelmsford Camera Club shield.

Harlow Photographic Society - 3rd place - Natural History
14th January 2010 - 0 comments
The Tom Morton trophy is competed for each year and every year brings an amazing variety of natural history images. There were more than 60 images in this year's print and projected digital image competition. In the print section both of my prints were held back into the final few and my 'Swallow tail gulls' (top image of the two below) gained third place. My 'Blue footed booby and chicks' was highly commended.

Swallow tailed gulls

Booby with chicks

Click on either thumbnail to open that larger image in the Galapagos Gallery.
Chelmsford Camera Club - Winner of 'Panel of Six'
10th October 2009 - 0 comments
My panel of six swimmer images was selected as the winner from 28 panels of work depicting various subjects. The images had to work together as a panel and a 'Statement of intent' was read out when the images were shown. My statement was - 'This panel shows various elements from the sport of swimming - power and energy; interaction with water; technique and personal emotions. I aim to give the viewer an insight into that passionate feeling that a sportsperson has for their sport.'
The competition was organised by Chelmsford Camera Club.

Malmo FIAP international exhibition - Diploma Best Sports Image
11th September 2009 - 0 comments
I was shocked, surprised and thrilled to learn I had won a Diploma for the Best Sports Image in the FIAP exhibition in Malmo, Sweden. Even more surprised - so I've learned - was an old friend of mine who happened to be in Malmo where the people he was staying with suggested they go to the exhibition showing. He told me I had some tough opposition. Small world isn't it! The image is shown below.

Half in, half out
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Harlow Photographic Society season 2008-09 - two trophies won
03rd September 2009 - 0 comments
I won the Print Portrait Cup this season for my image of the four young boys in Laos.

Click on this thumbnail to open the larger image in the South East Asia Gallery.

I also won the projected image league rounds, scoring maximum points, with 5 images.
Great Barr BPE national exhibition - Selector's ribbon
30th August 2009 - 0 comments
I was awarded the Bob Underhill ribbon in the Great Barr British Photographic Exhibition 2009. This was for one of my mono swimming images.

Making waves
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Welsh FIAP international exhibition - Highly Commended
14th February 2009 - 0 comments
The image shown below gained me a Highly Commended certificate in the general section of the Welsh International Projected Image Salon 2009.

Following through
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RPS International Exhibition 2008 - Highly Commended
09th November 2008 - 0 comments
This was the first year I entered The Royal Photographic Society's International Projected Image Exhibition and I gained a Highly Commended certificate for 'Take our picture'. I took a day trip to the RPS headquarters in Bath to be presented with my award by the RPS President, Barry Senior. I also had two other images accepted in this exhibition. They were 'Diving in' and 'Full on' - not bad, considering I only entered four images and it was my first time of entering!