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Viet Nam Blog 2013 - new book
03rd June 2013 - 0 comments
I have just published a new book, a Blog of our Viet Nam holiday which was a prize from Colours travel company. The contents of the book are written by Mike and the photos are from both myself and Mike. To see the book click on the orange Book Preview link below.

By Mike and Marilyn S...
East Anglian Federation Exhibition - Highly Commended
06th April 2013 - 0 comments
This one again! This time a Highly Commended certificate. It is the first time I have ever got an award in the EAF Exhbition. Only about 8% of images get accepted from the thousands of entries and then only a few get awards.

FIAP DVF Germany - Honourable mention
20th March 2013 - 0 comments
This image is one that is beginning to 'shine' and do well for me. It got me my first 'award' on my journey towards my EFIAP Bronze - an honourable mention in the DVF Germany FIAP. For EFIAP Bronze I will need to get three mentions/certificates/medals along with 75 acceptances using 25 different images, 10% of which must be in the printed form.

Harlow Photographic Society - Winner of Monochrome print
07th March 2013 - 0 comments
There were 47 entries into the 2013 Tony Perryman Monochrome print competition at my club, Harlow PS with a good variety of genres though people and landscapes prints were in the majority. By the end of the evening the judge, David Steel from Cambridge, had held back 22 images. Of these he then selected seven as his top photos. I was thrilled that all of my entries were in this top selection. The final result was that my Camel Boys print won (below left) and my other two images were both highly commended.

This competition is sponsored by one of the Harlow PS members, Tony Perryman. Not only did I win the title and a cup I also got a monochrome tips book supplied by Tony.

To see a larger view of Camel Boys click on that image to be taken to my Egypt gallery.
Harlow Photographic Society - Winner of Print Assignment
25th October 2012 - 0 comments
The 'assignment' or 'theme' was to produce a print that showed 'Patterns in the built environment.' My winning image was taken one afternoon in late September from the London Wall in the Barbican looking across to the offices which had more buildings reflected in them. The assignments at Harlow PS are member judged. Each member has two votes, stating their first and second choice. My image won with the most votes from that judging.

Windmill Challenge Trophy 2012 - Winner of Best Print
09th October 2012 - 0 comments
On 9th October my club, Harlow PS, took part in a six way photo competition at Upminster CC. My print below won the Best Print of the night. Harlow PS also won Best PDI and won the competition too.

Great Barr BPE national exhibition - 2 acceptances with 1 commended
11th September 2012 - 0 comments
I got two acceptances into the Great Barr, Birmingham national exhibition in August 2012. The swimmer (yes, it's that one again!) gained 14 out of 15 points, meaning that two of the three judges gave it their top mark. It was given a Commended award for that. The other image is of boys in a camel market, Egypt.

Royal Photographic Society International Exhibition 2012 - 2 acceptances
10th September 2012 - 0 comments
The two images below were accepted into the RPS International Projected Image Exhibition in August 2012. That exhibition attracts participants from all over the world and gets thousands of entries so I am particularly pleased to get them accepted. In fact, of the 2482 entries only 228 were accepted for the exhibition which will travel all over the UK and be shown at various photographic venues during the next few months.

Harlow Photographic Society - 2nd place - Print of the year
07th June 2012 - 0 comments
There were 39 images in the prestigious 'Print of the year' competition at my camera club on 7th June.
My 'Fast forward' got 2nd place.

Click on the image to go to the Competitive Swimmers gallery.
EFIAP awarded - for International accepted images
05th June 2012 - 2 comments
It''s a great feeling to learn I am now an ''EFIAP'' - an ''Excellence'' of the Federation Internationale de L''Art Photographique. Since gaining my AFIAP in March 2010 I have gained more acceptances into exhibitions all over the world. My acceptances now number 196. The requirement was to get 150 or more acceptances, with 50 different images in 30 different salons covering 15 different countries. I had achieved that by September 2011 and then came the task of doing the paper work and listing them all!
Over the years I have submitted images with five different genres - swimmers/sport; landscape; creative; natural history and travel. Below is a selected image from each genre.

Vale of Evesham BPE national exhibition - Commended
25th March 2012 - 0 comments
I've had a break from doing BPE's (British Photographic Exhibitions) so it was great to get into the awards in my first exhibition this year with a Commended BPE Ribbon.

Click on the image above to open it in the Competitive Swimmers Gallery.
Harlow Photographic Society - Winner of Natural History prints.
13th January 2011 - 0 comments
There were 40 print images and 40 projected digital images in this competition with a wide range of subjects. In the print competition I won first place for my 'Indian pond heron stalking' (below) and also a highly commended for my 'Green bee-eater'.

The pond heron sat on the branch for ages, slowly moving down into a dive position. We waited and waited for him to dive but we never saw it.

Click on this thumbnail to open the larger image in the Sri Lanka Gallery.
Harlow Photographic Society season 2009-10 - 2nd + 3rd in two leagues
02nd September 2010 - 0 comments
Like most camera clubs Harlow PS runs a series of league competitions during a year. In a league the results from a number of competitions are aggregated together for a final result. Harlow PS holds five league competitions for print images and another five for projected digital images. Two entries are allowed per round giving a total of ten but only the top eight score for the final placing.
In the season 2009-10 I came third in the print league and second in the projected digital image league. I was very close to the top marks too - just three marks different from the winner in both leagues. The final positions were very tight.

My top eight print images were:

My top eight digital projected images were:

FIAP Biennial - 'Following through' chosen to represent England
01st August 2010 - 0 comments
The image below was selected to represent England (PAGB) in the 23rd Colour Print Biennial, in Ireland, on 1st March 2010. There were just ten images chosen for this competition from each country so it really is something special to have been selected.

When I applied for my AFIAP award at the end of 2009, part of the criteria was to provide the PAGB with three images for them to possibly use in world-wide competitions with FIAP. It is from these images that the selection would have been made. I never thought one of my images would be used! I happen to know that 76 photographers from the UK achieved their AFIAP in 2010 so if they sent three images each to the PAGB that's 226 images plus the others from previous years. Wow, that makes me feel quite chuffed!

The final result put England(PAGB) in a mid table position out of the 29 countries taking part. Scotland won the FIAP World Cup for Colour Prints, 2010.

Following through

Click on the image above to open it in the Competitive Swimmers Gallery.
London Salon acceptance
17th May 2010 - 0 comments
The aim of the London Salon (quoted by them) is to exhibit only that class of photographic work in which there is distinct evidence of artistic feeling and execution. That is a tall order so I was very pleased to learn I had got one acceptance in this year's London Salon International Exhibition.

The exhibition was held in Smethwick at the home of Smethwick Photographic Society in the Old Schoolhouse, Churchbridge, Oldbury, West Midlands from 31st July to 12th August 2010. The London July venue was cancelled due to roof issues at the Cottons Centre, near London Bridge.

Boys front crawl legs
Click on this thumbnail to open the larger image in the Competitive Swimmers Gallery.
Harlow Photographic Society - 2nd place - Portrait (print)
22nd April 2010 - 0 comments
I polished the trophy and returned it to the club after winning the portrait print cup last year. I almost got the cup again but was pipped to the post by an excellent black and white image. My image, below, got second place.

School's out

Click on this thumbnail to open the larger image in the South America_Peru Gallery.
AFIAP awarded - for International accepted images
25th March 2010 - 0 comments
The AFIAP is awarded to photographers whose images have been accepted in International Exhibitions. It is the first of the FIAP awards with EFIAP and MFIAP as future awards. The requirements for an AFIAP are 30 International acceptances (prints or projected digital files). These had to be obtained with ten different images, from ten different salons across five different countries. Having met that requirement I then sent seven A3 prints to FIAP and 3 prints to the PAGB for an assessment panel. I sent them off in November 2009 and in March 2010 heard that I had been awarded my AFIAP.

The images below are my first ten acceptances in FIAP exhibitions.

Great Britain Small Print FIAP international exhibition - Honourable mention
28th February 2010 - 0 comments
This image is doing very well for me. This is the second FIAP award it has got - the first was in the Welsh FIAP 2009. I got an honourable mention / certificate this time.
The Great Britain Small Print (GBSP) FIAP competition is a series of four salons organised by four different clubs - prints are passed on for marking by different judges. The 'small print' size is A4 and the prints are un-mounted. This is unusual, as normally prints would be mounted on card 50cm x 40cm and be on A3 paper.

Following through
Click on this thumbnail to open the larger image in the Competitive Swimmers Gallery.
Harlow Photographic Society - Winner of 'Panel of Four'
04th February 2010 - 0 comments
A panel of images of any number brings extra thought processes into play. I like the sizing and layout of my images to be symmetrical, so a panel of four in two by two formation means those on each side should 'look' into the middle. Then, whilst the images should have a common theme, they should not be too similar as to be considered repetitive. The panel should work together as a panel and each image should work on its own too - that is what gives the panel its strength.

My panel of 'Swimmers' was awarded first place in this competition and my 'Boobies - red, nazca and blue-footed' were one of the panels held back. It got no award but I thought I would include it here as something different to my 'Swimmers' - though I guess the boobies too are swimmers, of a sort. Yes, the 'Swimmers' are four of the Panel of Six that won me the Chelmsford Camera Club shield.

Harlow Photographic Society - 3rd place - Natural History
14th January 2010 - 0 comments
The Tom Morton trophy is competed for each year and every year brings an amazing variety of natural history images. There were more than 60 images in this year's print and projected digital image competition. In the print section both of my prints were held back into the final few and my 'Swallow tail gulls' (top image of the two below) gained third place. My 'Blue footed booby and chicks' was highly commended.

Swallow tailed gulls

Booby with chicks

Click on either thumbnail to open that larger image in the Galapagos Gallery.
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