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Harlow Photographic Society - 3rd place - Panel competition
05th February 2015
The panel competition is for panels of either 3 or 4 images that sit together well as a collection. I put in two panels - my white-capped 'Albatross' were awarded 3rd place and my 'Snow along the river bank' got a highly commended. The albatross were in deep water off Stewart Island which itself if off the south of the South Island, New Zealand. The snowy banks are those of the River Elbe in Germany.

Harlow Photographic Society - 3rd place - Natural History Cup
29th January 2015
I got third place in Harlow's Natural History cup. I took my image of a 'Swamp deer, grazing' in India's Kanha national park. Swamp deer only live in India. The image was taken at 6.40am, the early morning mist can be seen in the background.

**New Gallery** City of London - Winter wanders
27th January 2015
Photos taken on a Walk London walk from Tower Bridge to Greenwich.

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Toronto CC Salon 2014 - FIAP Gold Medal
03rd December 2014
My image of a 'Juvenile dark chanting goshawk' has just won me a FIAP gold medal in the nature section of Toronto CC international salon of photography. I was absolutely thrilled to get the award. To give an idea of the size of the salon, there were 608 photographers who took part from 59 countries, though not all would have entered nature.

New Book published - Viet Nam 2013 (companion book)
21st November 2014
The long awaited companion book to Viet Nam Blog 2013 has now been published.
This book has more photos and less text that the Blog book along with some history of the places we visited.
Go to My Books to view it.

New Book published - Archive 2008-2012
16th November 2014
I have now finished my second Archive of Photography book. It shows photos from 2008 - 2012 which I entered into club, national and international competitions.
Go to My Books to view it.
34 International Exhibition acceptances this week!
09th October 2014
It's been quite amazing. I entered the Swansea Salon of Photography and the Danube Rtanji Circuit a couple of weeks ago and all of their results came out in the past few days. I got 7 acceptances from Swansea (from a possible 16) and 27 from the circuit of five salons in Danube Rtanji (from a possible 12 x 5 = 60). A circuit takes the same images which are seen and assessed by different sets of judges for each club in that circuit. Getting so many acceptances together definitely gives you a 'feel good factor'.

Here are all of the images that were accepted in Danube-Rtanji 2014, all but one were accepted in several salons in the circuit. 'Backstroke Break Through' and 'Red Limestone Tsingy' were accepted in all 5 salons of the circuit.

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